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Am I Really Going Through The Change?

So y'all, your girl been going throught some things as of late! My household has never been one to use the heat ..EVER! During the fall and winter seasons I may cut the AC up to 73. But if you live in Texas you know where I'm going as far as the AC is concerned. I sleep with a ceiling fan, and a box fan on top of that! So there should be no reason why I am getting up at 3am or so checking the thermostat to see if the battteries need to be changed. Not only have I been waking up with night sweats, I have been eating irregularly. I can have an empty stomach (after not eating all day), and still feel hungry. Like my stomach is really upset. This and the night sweats started at the same time.

I don't feel depressed or anything, but sometimes I do feel a little scatter brained. The time change has not helped. Falling back always turns my environment upside down. So I think the solemn feeling is coming more from that than hormones. You never know with hormones though. When I was pregnant with my youngest son, my Down Syndrome test came back positive, because my hormones were so out of whack!

What am I going to do about my situation you ask? I've got an appointment scheduled with my Gynecologist. Let them confirm whether it's truly Menopause or not. Until then I have been taking a few Olly Supplements. I'm taking the Beat The Bloat and Multi-vitamin for women. I have found some relief. For the night sweats I just put on a loose tee or sleepshirt and lose the blanket. I use only a sheet. I'll give you all an update soon!

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Shelley Moise
Shelley Moise
Nov 29, 2023

I think I am too. I’m at the right age. But I’m taking a medication that might be masking some of my symptoms. Ion like it. 😔

Valerie Petry
Valerie Petry
Jan 16
Replying to

Next time you visit your Gyno ask them about it, well I'm sure you will!

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