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Crazy Questions I Found On Reddit!

So one day I was researching something and a link to Reddit came up. So I checked it out, and found that it was a very interesting place to be. Oh I remember what it was! I was trying to find something out about the Marvel Universe. I found so many questions and articles dealing with the subject matter. Then one topic led to another. I'm hooked. But what kills me the most is the crazy questions I have been coming across!

I'm sorry. What is Reddit you ask? Reddit is a network of communities that post on different social news and events. It's a discussion website that often involves content rating. It is a free website, with a few advanced settings that may require a subscription. But I use the free version. Today I want to share a few questions that just had me rolling, or left me scratching my head. lol

  1. "People who speed in neighborhoods, what do you do with all the extra time?"

  2. "Tall people of Reddit, how have you protected your toes from being eaten by the monsters when your feet inevitably hang off the edge of the bed whilst sleeping?"

  3. "What kind of gift do you get for a woman who likes Sky Dancing?"

  4. "Men of Reddit: Do you put your hand on the wall while urinating? If so why?"

  5. "If someone dies on her period, who's gonna take off the pad?"

  6. "What if a mom gave her son away at his wedding to symbolize that she's letting go, just like the father of the bride does?"

  7. "If you were sitting on the toilet and someone barged into your bathroom and hit you with a shrink ray causing you to fall in, what would you do to try to escape?

First of all, who do they think is going to take the pad off the dead girl? The Medical Examiner of course! lol If a mom gives her son away at his wedding like the father of the bride does, that's going to be a really long wedding! lol But I don't see anything wrong with it. I have two boys, but I wouldn't do it. Lastly, I'm very aware of what's going on around me when I'm on the toilet. If someone was able to get the drop on me with a Shrink Ray I'm automatically grabbing the shower curtain, turning and grabbing the toilet lid, and the side of the toilet seat. I'm a regular girl, and I REFUSE to get stuck in pooh! lol

Stay tuned for more crazy questions I find on For more cool Selfcare and Lifestyle content, head over to the podcast Swayed By Positivity

Remember if you're going to be swayed by something be swayed by positivity!

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