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Everyone's Favorite Soup!

Fall and Winter are great seasons to indulge in all the soup you can! Most of the time my family and I will cook gumbo and chili, but I like to have soups here and there also. But I wanted to step outside of my normal chicken noodle and broccoli cheese recipes. So I did a poll on Twitter a few days ago to introduce myself to some new recipes. Here were the results:

  • French Onion 30

  • Miso 24

  • Potato 20

  • Chicken noodle 18

  • Tom Kha Gai 15

These soups got very few votes. Some of them I had never heard of before!

  • Chowder

  • Beer Cheese

  • Italian Wedding

  • Hot/Sour

  • Pursnip

  • Pho

  • Touski

I thought Pho would have had more entries, because I LOVE it! Chicken noodle also. I am definitely going to try Italian Wedding, Miso, and Minestrone. So let's talk about a few that didn't make the cut that I have never heard of before.

Beer Cheese(also known as Lager) - is a roux based made with beer. This soup was often served as breakfast during Midieval Europe. It usually consist of caramelized onions, beer, and cheese. It looks delicious, but I'll get someone else to try it first! lol

Touski(also known as Garbage stew) - short for 'tout ce qui reste'. This soup is usually made from leftovers in your fridge. It's a famous dish of Quebec.

Tom Kha Gai - spicy thai coconut soup with galangal and chicken. It's a creamy spicy soup made with coconut milk, lime, fish sauce, chicken, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

My personal favorites are Chicken Pot Pie Soup, Potato Soup with lots of cheese and bacon, and beef/shrimp Pho. I will not claim these as the most healthiest, but they're definitely the most dee-lish!! What's your 'go-to' for soup? Leave yours in the comments! Don't forget for more Health and Lifestyle content head over to the podcast Swayed By Positivity!!

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