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Habits and Traits of Successful People

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

I'm always trying to find ways to better myself so that I can poor into other people. But I want to make sure what I pour is the good stuff. I want to make sure I'm truly showing up for people in a great way! I worked for many years for Target Corp. as a part of their leadership team. One of the things I loved about the company is their priority on self development and improvement. I remember reading this book called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I decided to read it again this year for a book review. Here are a few things that I've learned from the read, and shadow work I've been doing.

Successful people often focus on setting goals and forming daily habits that help them reach those goals. Common habits of successful people include:

  • setting a daily agenda

  • engaging in consistent self-improvement

  • staying organized

  • practicing time management

  • exercising regularly

  • staying healthy

Additionally, successful people prioritize relationships, have strong communication skills, practice positive thinking, and maintain a strong work ethic.

The biggest most important of these habits is making self a priority. Taking time to make yourself a priority is essential for maintaining your physical and mental health. When you prioritize yourself, you are making a conscious decision to invest in your own well-being. Doing this can help you manage stress and anxiety more effectively, while also providing you with more energy and focus to take on your other responsibilities.

Making yourself a priority can help you become more self-aware and confident in your own abilities. Ultimately, when you prioritize yourself, you are investing in your own well-being and helping to ensure your long-term success.

For more Self-care and Self-improvement content, check out my podcast Swayed By Positivity.

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Sep 17, 2023

List always works for me because if I can see things getting crossed off I feel more productive and I'm more than likely to keep going to get it done. I see that my goal is coming to completion.

Swayed By Positivity
Swayed By Positivity
Sep 22, 2023
Replying to

Lists are a great way to creat a strong self-care routine, and guaranteed sucess!

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