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I'm Re-branding!

I know it's been a minute since I've posted! But I'm re-branding, and making sure I do things right this time! I love sharing self-care content and showing people how to find their happy space and stay there, however the image of my brand really wasn't reflecting that! So I decided to have a makeover! Content will still be the same. I would love for you to engage with me. You can reach out to me on any of my Social Media Platforms. I answer all DMs.

So much has happened this year, good and not so good. My company changed insurance. I though the package I chose would be the best for me, because I would be able to continue going to the doctor's office I had been going to. I would have to start all over again and the doctor's offices would be scattered throughout the city. Well what I didn't do is pay attention to all aspects of the insurance, and I ended up with a 2K deductible. My feelings were so hurt! The Mounjaro that I had only been paying 25.00 a refill for went back to regular price 1300.00. I have another Rx that was 20.00 is now 500.00! I just refuse!

What am I going to do you ask? Well I'm going to have to put on my big girl panties(the cute ones), and start making some very drastic changes to my lifestyle towards the healthier. I started a Health Journal, logging everything I eat. I've started taking my sugar before breakfast, and before dinner to make sure if I need to change what I'm going to eat I do so. I've also added some other supplements along with the medication I'm currently taking. I'm taking Dandelion Root before bed, and in the morning I've started taking Bitter Melon. Right now my sugar has been steady at 189. I've gotten it down to 150's before, about 2wks agao.

I ordered one of those "Tiktok made me buy it" , Hula hoops. I did it for about a min on Sunday 3/3/2024. Today on my first break I did 100 swings. I'm going to try to shoot for a hundred more on my last break. It really is a fun way to get some cardio in. Your girl had to really move her hips and belly to get that sucker to swing around my body! I've always kept my water intake where it should be. I've started to drink Hibiscus tea with a little bit of cinnamon. So I'm pretty interested in seeing how the week will end.

So why Hula Hooping? Well it's a great cardio, and equal to resistance training. Works your Straight and Oblique abdominal muscles, Gluteal muscles, Quad muscles, and your Lower back muscles. Some benefits include:

  • Burns calories

  • Burns body fat & inches

  • Boost cardiovascular

  • Challenges core muscles

  • Improves balance

  • Works lower body muscles

  • Inexpensive and portable

I'll be launching a new YouTube channel soon, where I'll talk a little more in depth on what's happening and the goings on. Don't forget to stop by and check out the podcast Mind Body Balance.

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