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My Happy Space 12-27-2023

If you follow me on any of my Social Media Platforms, you see me talk about my Happy Space a lot. I decided to share mine with you guys mine from yesterday. I try to go to the places be it family, friend, hobby, or place as often as I can everyday. Yesterday I found myself in happy spaces throughout the day even though I didn't leave the house. It started out with my I didn't get to bed until late Saturday night, so I got up Sunday morning, took my medications for the day, ate a small breakfast, and then got BACK into bed!

I didn't go straight to sleep. I laid there and enjoyed my second happy space. I listened to music. I started off with some praise and worship, and then I listened to some Heart Chakra Frequencies. I ended that session with some EDM. That motivated me to get up OUT of the bed and get my body moving.

My Firestick in my bedroom stopped working so I got the one in my living room and used instead. I couldn't find the remote, so I had to find a way to sync the old remote to the new Firestick - and I did!! lol I watched the movie A Monster Calls on Netflix. It was a tear jerker, but it had a beautiful message. Then I sat and did some Social Media Content Bundling. I managed to have lunch and an early dinner. Then I went to my next happy space. GIRL TALK!!!

So sometime early Spring I joined a girlfriends group on Facebook. I would open a room and allow the girls to come through and vibe with each other. But hardly anyone ever came! However, there was always five of us there late at night. We would talk to the wee hours of the morning! Sometimes video chat or off screen, regardless we would have a great time. So became the Late Night Turn Up Crew. lol

We had an impromptu call last night and just hung out. Sometimes we come up with the most interesting conversations. I just love it! No I'm not going to tell y'all what we be talking about either! Ha! When we were done, I took a nice shower and lathered up with my Sleep collection from Bath & Body Works. Slept like a baby, yes I did! What's your go-to Happy Space? Leave it in the comments! If you didn't get to yours, go to your calendar and pencil it in. MAKE TIME FOR YOU!

Don't forget, if you're going to be swayed - be swayed by positivity💜

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