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Val's Review: Hi. My Name Is.. by Kasha Jegede

I had the pleasure of reading a Young Adult Fiction book called Hi. My Name Is.. by Kasha Jegede. This, a story of a beautiful African girl named Oyindasola, who's navigating life in a new country and new middle school. She's becoming more aware of her identity, and learning to face the challenges of those who do not understand her culture, and want her to conform to their thoughts, beliefs, and culture. She choses not to appease these individuals, and instead fixes her crown upon her head, and chooses to be her authentic self. She chooses to be the Queen that she is! Oyindasola navigates through family growth and middle school drama all the while charging herself up on 'Black Girl Magic'. She forces those around her to "put her name on it". To make them take the effort in trying to pronounce her name, the very key to her identity.

I read this book, and then gave it to my niece for her 11th birthday. Even though it's written as a Young Adult Fiction, my niece along with her grown ass auntie loved every bit of the book! My niece Chloe said she loved how brave and proud Oyindasola was of her name, her native country, and her 'sugar bush'. Yes you're going to have to read the book if you want to know what that means! 😊 She was very pleased to see Oyindasola stand up to her teacher who was being a bully along with the other kids who were creating drama for her. She said sometimes the bullies need to be bullied back. She was happy to see Oyindasola build true genuine friendships as well.

For me this book displayed so much more. As a mom I could appreciate Jegede showing the strength and love of the black family. Not all black families are dysfunctional, and Jegede definitely shows this throughout the story. Oyindasola has a stepmom who loves her as if she was her biological child. She fed Oyindasola with as much wisdom and love that she could alongside her husband- a beautiful thing to see. This story also showed how important and strong sisterhood is and can be. I am the oldest of four girls. I can speak from experience how important being a role model and supporting sister siblings can and should be.

At the end of the book Jegede includes four poems and some discussion questions. Let me say this, I enjoyed a good book and then found myself {snapping fingers} at the end! I feel this book was well written and can and should be read by any age. This book can be found on Amazon, and I give it a 5/5 stars!

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